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Discover the Executive Pension Plan

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About the Executive Pension Plan

As a business owner or incorporated professional, are you looking for a financial vehicle that can outperform the RRSP to provide security for your golden years? Consider the E PP pension fund: the Executive Pension Plan designed specifically for business owners and incorporated professionals. At last, a pension fund for small businesses!​

The Morneau tax reform of 2018 changed the rules and led to a scarcity of income accumulation and splitting strategies. Now picture your company sponsoring your RRSPs, making contributions that are fully deductible and exempt from payroll taxes. 

Why choose an E-PP?


Key Benefits

  • Employer contributions not subject to payroll tax

  • Management fees can be deducted by the company

  • Plan fees exempt from GST/HST

  • Institutional investment platform

  • Competitive investment and actuarial fees

Higher contribution levels than RRSPs

  • Current service contributions higher than RRSP limits

  • Amortization payments (trajectory adjustment):

  • to recognize past service 

  • in case of an actuarial deficit (e.g. return < 7.5%) 

  • for terminal funding at retirement

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Additional tax advantages

  • Helps maintain lower tax rate

  • Tax planning tool when selling your business

  • Retirement income splitting with eligible spouse

  • Pension income tax credit

Our approach

The aim is to enable business owners and incorporated professionals to establish a scalable, career-long pension fund. 

Our approach is to optimize the possibilities offered by pension plans without compromising the strategy’s overall profitability. We take many variables into consideration, including: returns, personal tax status, corporate tax status, management fees, etc.

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